Who’s happy to see Eminem overcome his drug addiction?

Question by Mia: Who’s happy to see Eminem overcome his drug addiction?
Im so happy hes over that, he said it almost killed him

I would’ve had a break down if that happened


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Answer by loveeyouhh12
I am. Drugs are bad.

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Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict – Website: thelonetiger.wordpress.com Facebook: www.facebook.com As a bright schoolboy from a loving, middle-class family Ben Rogers was expected to make a success of his life. Raised in a quiet, picturesque village Ben was a Boy Scout, loved cricket, played in the school orchestra and looked forward to the annual family holiday. But despite his privileged start in life Ben found himself on the road to ruin, injecting heroin up to four times a day. During his last months, Ben kept a video diary of his drug use and desperate attempts to come off heroin. Ravaged by the drug, Ben’s body began to break down: he developed DVT and his veins were rendered so useless he had to inject into his groin. Despite his family’s best efforts, Ben couldn’t stop. He was haunted by, and hooked on, heroin. Ben: Diary of A Heroin Addict charts his lies and manipulation as he mixes his next hit whilst telling his mother Anne he is clean and making a new start. It reveals Anne’s anger and tears as Ben loses his fight against the drugs and shows how father Mike’s unconditional love continues undiminished as they are forced to deal with their son’s addiction. Director Olly Lambert comments: “It’s incredibly rare to come across such raw and unflinching footage of a man so close to an abyss. I was speechless when I first watched it. I hope the film finishes what Ben had begun: to give people a visceral understanding of the nature of addiction. It has been a privilege to try and unpick who Ben really


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