is there a sex addiction rehab for adolesents?

Question by : is there a sex addiction rehab for adolesents?
well im 17 years old and just realizing i have a problem with a sex addiction im on medicaid and wouldnt be able to afford it myself so it would be nice if they accepted medicaid i ave done sooo much research for a rehab and never found one for people my age…its been very destructive to me and my family,,,for me well i cant have kids ever in not fertile anymore which really sucks and my family i have just caused them soo much hell but anyways yea i need help i cant control my sexual actions anymore since i was raped at 14. I live in idaho anywhere near there would be amazing. i dont want any crap about how sex isnt an addiction when in reality it really is. Any website would be amazing or suggestions, advice, or opinions thanks 😀

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Answer by Munkee2
How do you know you can’t have kids?

I very much dout they’d admit a teenager into a sex rehab programme.

Answer by Natalia Rose
The bright side is you realize you have a problem, and like they say: admitting it is the first step. You want to seek help, which is also a very good think, and I happy for you seeking help.
I have no idea if you can go to rehab for sex addiction as a teen, but I know of teens who went for drug addiction. They should have sex rehab opened for teens. Perhaps if you called up a couple rehab centres, they could tell you if there’s somewhere or something they recommend you go to or do.
If you can’t find a rehab center you can go to, an idea would be to try going to a psychologist or someone of the sort to talk to, and they might be able to help you a little. Discuss this option with your parents.
Talking to a psychologist, school counselor, doctor, or someone of the sort might be able to help you to know your options as far as treatment and rehab centres.

The bright side is that you’re almost legally an adult. You might have more options available once you reach 18.

People who deny how addicting sex can be to some people are ignorant. Thing is, to people who suffer from addiction, it is something that is very hard to control. Addiction runs thick in my family, and I’ve seen it destroy some of their lives. I myself have notices addictive qualities in myself. What’s disgusting is when people belittle addicts rather than help, and ignore that addiction is a disease.

I know I might not be of much help, but possibly googling “teen sex addiction rehab idaho” might help bring up a couple results if you haven’t tried that already. I’m not knowledgeable about rehab centers, so I can’t help you much on where to go.

I hope I helped you somehow, even if only a little.
With that, I’ll leave you with a beautiful, optimistic quote;
“No matter what your past has been, your future is spotless.”

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