how do i stop my addiction of computers?

Question by Dan de lion: how do i stop my addiction of computers?
i am really addicted to computer games, i play it every afternoon and most of the weekend, i realize ow its consuming my life. whenever i need to do something im always playing computer games, eg. if i need to do homework i cant help myself and i will play computers instead. i really cant stop myself, does anyone have any suggestions to help?
oh thats the other problem, my freinds love computer games but they dont get as addicted so they let me borrow some games, so ive got so many games i never seemed to get bored of them and im always playing them all the time

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Answer by lopez76g
Just finish the game and ull lose interest .

Answer by Ricardo A
to start with, stop using Yahoo Answers 🙂 But seriously, if you really mean it, do this. Get your self a Linksys router, go to and download the firmware. Install it and upgrade your internet router with this one. Then setup an internet access schedule, and give yourself a schedule, say 2 hours at night. Then, give the router pwd to a friend so that you can’t cheat. or… simply leave the computer off.

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