Do you know the best drug rehabilitation here in Mountville, NJ?

Question by alianna ll: Do you know the best drug rehabilitation here in Mountville, NJ?
My cousin was sent here in our home by my aunt because she told us she can’t control him. He is my favorite cousin so I love having him around. But I discovered something about him that really shocked me. I learned that he’s using cocaine! When I called my aunt she told me that that’s her problem about my cousin but no matter what she does to help him, he just can’t fight his addiction. I realized that he’s been in and out of rehab centers and until now, he hasn’t recovered from his substance abuse. — This is the reason I want to locate the best drug rehabilitation here in Mount Royal.

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Answer by Lauren
Goggle or do a yahoo search for all the faculties in your area. Call them. Thing is if he has been in rehab he has learned the tools he needs. He needs to want it to achieve it, and the problem some people have to crash and burn first. Offer being a sponsor and having him go to NA meetings.

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